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About Exir Taam Arya

Exir Taam Arya Co. is a subsidiary trading company of Damirchi Industrial Group, established in 2016. In ETA, we import and export high quality food ingredients, offer technical consultation and formulation according to customer demands. We have been gaining access to top manufactures in different sectors in food industry interested in food additives in the means of providing and supplying best quality products based on each individual demand.

Our Products

All products are diligently backed and supported by efficient, on the spot services of Expertise who joined together in the technical team of ETA to grant information  &  solutions for various kinds of:

  • Milk protein powders
  • Flavors and seasonings
  • Oleoresins and essential oils
  • Natural colors
  • Stabilizers and emulsifiers

Our Partners

Exir Taam Arya is the exclusive agent of:

  • Ingredia (France)
  • Alibra (Brazil)
  • Bart (Poland)
  • Yerbalatina (Brazil)

Exir Taam Arya, Rich in Additives,Best in Quality

Spread of nature color in the essence of liveliness. We can come together to achieve your desire by promoting flavors.

Food Ingredients

The usage of food additives has its roots in ancient times, for example our ancestors used to preserve meat and fish by salt, fruit by sugar and pickles by vinegar. Nowadays, with the advancement of science, food additives are used in food industry with a variety of properties, including composition, texture, coloring, flavoring, and so on. Using these additives has led people to use aromatic, colorful, healthy and nutritious foods in comfortable and affordable conditions.

The use of these materials requires obtaining various approvals from international organizations, and these organizations carefully monitor conditions of the additives, so that consumers can safely enhance their food and enjoy their final product. In Exir Taam Arya, we supply some of the most useful food additives in different applications in food industry as below:

Generally accomplished by steeping in alcohol, as vanilla beans

Used to create smaller bits of the whole, as in making peppermint extract, etc

Best additives in Exir Taam Arya

The color of nature 

The extract of life aroma

We can together develop flavors.

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