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Flavors & Seasonings

Flavors and seasonings strengthen the natural flavor of foods. There are many different flavour categories that cover the range of foods and beverages, e.g. fruit flavours, sweet brown flavours, spice/herbs, etc.

Milk Protein Powders

Milk protein ingredients are natural, trusted food ingredients and are ideal for unique nutritional and functional applications such as in bakery, beverages, confections, frozen desserts, infant formula, soups and sauces, yogurt. nutritional beverages, salad dressings, meats, etc. Some of the important functional properties of dairy protein ingredients include solubility, viscosity building, emulsification, heat stability, aeration, etc.

Natural Colors

Natural food colors originated from a wide range of sources like vegetables, fruits, plants, minerals and other edible natural sources are obtained by physical extraction. They come in many forms consisting of liquids, powders, gels, and pastes.


Oleoresins & Essential oils

Spice oleoresins represent the complete flavour profile of the spice. Oleoresins can be defined as the true essence of the spices and can replace spices without impairing any flavour and aroma characteristic. Spice oleoresins guarantee superior quality of flavour and aroma. They ensure storage stability in the final product and are free from contamination. Spice oleoresins are mainly used in processed meat, fish and vegetables, soups, sauces, dressings, cheeses and other dairy products, baked foods, confectionery, snacks and beverages.

Stabilizers & Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are used to make water and oil get mixed together in an emulsion such as in mayonnaise, ice cream, and homogenized milk.

Stabilizers, thickeners and gelling agents are used to create a firmer texture in the final products. Some of the known stabilizers are agar and pectin.